MINDPHASER Ep. 8Listen now (56 min) | Francis Parker Yockey and Russia
TWITTER FUN AND GAMESTwitter has taken liberty to DE-PLATFORM me once again - this time on grounds of ‘‘BAN EVASION’’. I am fairly certain this owes to somebody ratt…
MINDPHASER ep. 7Listen now (54 min) | Carlyle, the Messianic personage, and the End of History
Part II - German War Aims and Strategic Logic Therein
MINDPHASER Ep. 6Listen now (62 min) | The War Against the Russian People and The NEO-CONSERVATIVE Revival
MINDPHASER Ep. 5Listen now (57 min) | The Messianic Personage in History
MINDPHASER Ep. 4Listen now (62 min) | Nixon's State Visit to China (Retrospective), the Sino-Soviet Split and the Subsequent Strategic Paradigm
MINDPHASER Episode 3Listen now (80 min) | Russian Assault on Ukraine - Historical Precedent and Political Implications
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